Sustainability and Environment


Yew Tree House Bed and Breakfast is committed to providing the very best in a sustainable way.


At Yew Tree House we;

*  generate our own electricity with 4kw of photo-voltaic solar


*  have a rainwater harvesting system plus many water butts

    for garden use

*  purchase as much as possible from local suppliers, to

    support our local economy. Most of the ingredients for

    our breakfasts are raised or grown within a few miles

    of Yew Tree House. Fantastic fresh food at virtually no

    food miles

*  recycle, re-use or compost as much waste as is feasible

*  have fully insulated and double-glazed rooms

*  fitted dual flush toilet systems to save water

*  fitted a modern condensing heating boiler

*  have, where possible replaced electrical appliances with "A"

    rated ones

*  use environmentally friendly cleaning and laundry products

*  have planted 700 native Shropshire broadleaf trees


We ask our guests to help the environment by:

Turning lights off when leaving the premises
Adjusting the heating to suit and not having it set high but leave the window open
Leave newspapers, glass & plastic bottles to the side of the bin so they can be recycled
Help save water and resources by re-using towels
Support local businesses



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