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To all our guests we would like to say thank you for staying with us and making the past 10 years the most amazing and enjoyable experience.

Clive & Jo Wilson





Yew Tree House Gardens


A fantastic Bed and Breakfast for Garden Lovers


Clive and Jo Wilson bought Yew Tree House in 1993. The house had stood empty for some years and the 1½ acres of gardens were completely overgrown with brambles, grasses and weeds. There were a considerable number of derelict sheds and buildings plus piles of rubble everywhere. The process of clearing away the undergrowth and rubble began in 1994 and has created what is now a fascinating and interesting garden with many hidden areas and secret paths. Shrubs and flower beds are planted in great swathes of colour. There is no formality in the planting of the flower beds and appear to be in random drifts. Consequently the garden is a haven for wildlife and a bird watcher's paradise.


The previous owner loved to plant trees. Consequently, the many trees provide the structure on which the garden is based. Some of the more unusual trees are a Indian Bean, Tulip Tree and Weeping Ash. There are also over 20 different types of apple trees with no clue as to the variety, but all nearly 50 years old.  


Set amongst this beautiful and tranquil setting are Clive's garden sculptures. The garden is his gallery and as you wander around, you will come across sculpture quietly waiting to be discovered. Some pieces are very large up to 15 feet tall, others just 2 or 3 feet. Most of the sculptures are for sale so if you see one you like, you can take it home with you (providing your car is big enough). The joy of working in wood is that as time passes, the sculptures change in colour, texture, shape and density. Each phase is as visually unique as it is beautiful. Eventually crumbling away ready to start again.

Once or twice a year, the garden is open to the public. Radio Shropshire recently did a feature about the garden on it's website along with a photo gallery .


Click here to see more of Clive's work.

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